Saturday, May 12, 2007

Endorsed by Jeremy Schachter


I'm writing to tell you about what I happen to think the best show in the city is. It's called the Living Room Show. They do it every week at the Postmark Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

It's a great little place and the comics are always good. It's totally clean as far as language goes, they give out prizes to the best comedian and best audience member, and famous people come in to do segments every week.

It's honestly a great show and I love doing it. Check out the schedule and learn more about it at the myspace link below.

Oh yeah it's only an hour long and it's FREE. Go check it out.


Jeremy Schachter is a favorite on the New York comedy scene. At only 26, he has attained national recognition as one of America's hottest young stand-ups by headlining clubs and colleges across the country. Check him out on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and Spike TV's Casino Cinema this May, then later this summer on the Discovery Channel. You can also hear him weekly on his radio show the Schachter Factor on Cringe Humor Radio, or you can catch his sketch comedy group Perv Griffin at UCB starting this summer.


davdnewblaq said...

Hi, I'm Harvey-David, but for tax purposes-you may call me Dave. I was just sticking my head in to throw in my two cents about the Living Room! Man, it's really lovely-in a just used Febreeze kinda' way, ya know?! They've got all these sweet treats and even English Breakfast Tea! The 'Room also boasts the comfy-est couch in all of comedy and occasionally, if your socks are really clean (and this is strictly enforced!) they let you take off your shoes! The comedy is swell too! Man I tell you, it was the most fun I've had without swearing ever, hell friggin' yeah it was!

The Living Room said...

LOL. Dave, we couldn't agree more. On a related note, we recommend Febreeze on the socks if they're not really clean.