Thursday, May 17, 2007

Show 22: Boy's Club

We had an informal response to Ladies' Night with a line-up of 100%, meatloaf-eating, testosterone-pumping, Steel Magnolias-hating MEN. We picked the only guy who can still pull off Polos without looking pretentious Greg Tito to host our amazing lineup:
Abbi Crutchfield (she's really a man)
Dave Lester
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Jeremy Schachter and
Ryan Paulson

Greg Tito
Greg Tito kicked off the show holding the title of The Only Married Man in New York Under 30 and Doing Comedy (or TOMM-NYU-DC…a round-trip discount code on Greyhound?). Anyone want to challenge him?? We didn't think so.
Abbi Crutchfield
Artificially zany for the camera, Abbi Crutchfield wore scrubs because it’s her show, and proceeded to dissect the rules to office politics. Mainly there’s one: no talking about shagging your wife of 30 years. Sweet peaches, don’t ever do that.
Dave Lester
Dave Lester had a dynamite set and a lovely lady in the audience to enjoy it along with the rest of us.
Herodotus is his name, and celebrity gossip is his game! The Herodotus-At-Large segment brought us news of the stars with more puns than you can stuff in a big, black fake moustache. Then, with a gust of metrosexual wind, he was off!
Brendan FitzgibbonsBrendan Fitzgibbons was fired up to share what he’s learned from his many, many, many failed relationships. He also kicked around a few one-liners which cracked the room up. When it's too good for The Onion, it becomes stand-up that we get to enjoy at The Living Room!
Jeremy Schachter
Jeremy Schachter took the stage and turned the room into a gym as he worked out some soon-to-be-classic stuff. Gym. Work-out. Get it? Herodotus, what have you done?!?!
He didn’t miss the opportunity to crack on his brother. We appreciate that.
Tom Jeter, Motivational Speaker
Pumped full of energy drink and slogans, motivational speaker and human e-mail spam Tom Jeter enthusiastically shared his one-point plan on how to be successful. He never got to the point or told us how it could benefit us, but he did get across enough subliminal messages for us to donate all of our money to him. And you should too! This guy’s amazing!
Ryan Paulson
Show-stopper Ryan Paulson turned the coffee shop into a church through his vivid nostalgia of growing up religious. A comedian with preaching abilities—the next Sam Kinison? He hasn’t started shouting yet. Or wearing berets.
Winner!  Ryan Paulson
It was just the kind of star-quality he needed to be honored the Funniest Comedian of All Time award! He accepted his fresh fake grapes, and then a giant bottle attacked and killed him.
Audience Trivia Winner!  Two Tickets to the Movies!
A lovely lady from the audience won two tickets to AMC Theaters! Sadly, she, too, was mauled by the bottle. This container of simple syrup is still on the loose. If you have seen a five-foot, clear pump bottle with a blue neck and a white nozzle, please contact us by coming to the next Living Room show May 25th. You just might save a life.

Check out MORE photos of the event on Flickr here.

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