Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Show 8: You'll Get The Beating of a Lifetime

The top of the show saw some empty chairs! Where was everybody? It was soon made known to us that Thai military troops had the coffee shop surrounded. Once Luke agreed to step down as leader of the Pad See Yu consumption party, the tanks retreated, and he went on to share his humorous musings to our four starring comedians:
Ruhbin Mehta
John Lang
Katina Corrao and
...who thoughtfully brought a couple of their loyal friends! The regulars arrived as did the curious first-timers to enjoy the show already in action.

Abbi tossed around some ideas on adulthood in the 1-Minute Workout segment.

Ruhbin Mehta, resident maintenance man, is a familiar face by now at the show with a record three performances and had hilarious new offerings for the crowd while he fixed a fallen sign.

Financial advisor (okay…intern) Jeff Barker told us all why we should rent Wall Street before taking a call on his giant cell phone.

John Lang rocked the house with true tales and the style smarts of a Banana Republic employee.

Attention-hog and domestic abuse expert Naomi Campbell stopped by to read the news and give everyone who crossed her path a beat down.

Katina Corrao enlightened us to the bubbly, effervescent side of break-ups and crap jobs, and Sim dominated the stage from start to finish through the power of caffeine.

This week’s unanimous vote for the Funniest Comedian of All Time went to Katina Corrao! The Thai military couldn’t be happier.

The Monty Hall award went to one lucky gentleman (a David Cross impersonator?) who traded an ordinary postage stamp for an AMAZING combination flying disc-cheese advertisement.

We look forward to seeing all of you for our Creepy, Crawly Friday the 13th Spooktacular!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Show 7: A Shot in the Dark

A mess of kids crowded around the shop’s window this week proving parental supervision is at an all-time low in the city. Luke wore a shirt with Peter Sellers on the front in honor of the legend’s birthday. He kicked off the evening with a true tale of getting (old) man-handled, and prepared everyone for a great night. The stars of this week’s show were:
Matt Little
Lance Weiss and
Becky Ciletti

The 'tweens went home for dinner (the call of the tater tot) and Matt Little explored the hilarious meaning of couple hood. This week’s Rental Review was by Tosha Styles, a temp with other aspirations who ultimately gave Finding Neverland a thumb down because Johnny Depp does not play a pirate.

Lance Weiss learned a couple of new languages from an enthusiastic audience member and gave an animated performance, treating everyone to high-fives on his way off stage.
Classic comedian Vaudeville Lou paid a visit to read his take on what’s in the papers today.

Becky Ciletti followed with a dynamite set and engaged the crowd with Internet observations.

Abbi closed the show with a 1-Minute Workout flexing her thoughts on public television and the programs made possible by viewers like YOU.

Since Lance Weiss is indisputably the Funniest Comedian of All Time, we honored him with the 2004 Zagat guide to dining in Lower Manhattan. We just hope the restaurants in that book still exist.

The Monty Hall audience award was offered in the style of Let’s Make a Deal, and two coupons for sweets were traded for dental floss.

Take that, American Dental Association! And take your BFF to our next show on September 22nd!