Friday, August 22, 2008

Show 43: Olympic Champions

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

Victor Varnado

Just in time for the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics, The Living Room celebrated an extraordinary league of comedy heroes. No fake fireworks were used in the production of this show.

Host of Honor Vince Averill introduced the following lineup:

Luke Thayer
Victor Varnado
Jacqueline Novak
Nore Davis
Ryan Hamilton

with special guest appearances by M.I.A. and feminist motivational speaker Dr. Erick Newberry.

Luke Thayer and Abbi Crutchfield welcome the crowd
Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the forty-third show by discussing which Olympic sport they would have chosen to master. Eating mashed potatoes is a lame choice, in life and in fantasy.

Vince Averill
So nice, he visits twice, Vince Averill returned for a second time to the show! He smoothly executed all of his material and captivated the audience like a young Mary Lou Retton.

Luke Thayer
Luke Thayer returned to the stage to rehash defeats past from his childhood. He won the sympathy vote from the crowd.

Abbi Crutchfield as M.I.A.
No sport events are complete without musical talent, and we were lucky to have a visit from M.I.A. Even though she didn't sing Paper Planes, she revealed how she comes up with her unusual songs. And now we know why they're not mainstream.

Victor Varnado
Victor Varnado enjoyed his first time on the show, celebrating his prank-worthy good looks, the hope for a black U.S. president and condemning dishonest drug companies. His observation skills get a ten-point-oh!

Jacqueline Novak
Jacqueline Novak, (the Phelps of the show, for winning a record number of FCAT awards) explained the obsession behind such dance films as Step Up 2: The Streets.

Abbi Crutchfield as Dr. Erick Newberry, feminist motivational speaker
Dr. Erick Newberry returned from a national tour to read the news and give China a piece of her mind for the gymnasts lying about their age. Women need to embrace themselves no matter their stage of life! Somehow she tied the lesson to Toucan Sam. Huh? We're just glad she's back.

Nore Davis
Representing Yonkers, Nore Davis came all the way down to share the woes of an overly protective family--or just to hide out from his mom for a while. Coaches are tough.

Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton closed the show and holds the record for going the longest riffing on things around the room. From identifying the berries in his smoothie to taking Matt Sears' order from the counter,

Ryan Hamilton feels like a waitress for Matt Sears

Hamilton had the crowd in stitches providing a new look at the backdrop for the hour's previous performances.

Victor Varnado, Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer
The Hat of Chance deemed Victor Varnado the Funniest Comedian of All Time! He can't decide which niece or nephew he hates enough to give a used edition of the Cat and Mouse. Hey, it's a board game. Olympic games...Yes, we've had enough of the references too.

No! One more:

Bring your synchronized swimming partner to our next show September 12th!
Audience watching from outside

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Show 42: Crazy Eights

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

The room was filled to capacity and all abuzz about The Living Room's return from its summer hiatus! It was 8/8/08, dubbed The Night of Crazy Eights, named after a card game that little people know about and fewer people play.

Host of Honor Matt Little skillfully introduced:

Amy Crossfield
Leo Allen
Abbi Crutchfield
Josh Homer
Mike Dobbins

with special guest appearances by Shock Therapy and Reverend Pastor Gardner.

Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the forty-second show and marveled at all of the amazing projects they've been able to accomplish during the break. From appearances on MTV to working with Olympic NBA all-stars, Luke had a lot to be jealous about. He balanced the scale with a screening of a hilarious short called Indecent Proposals (about the lengths the couple would go to for a Klondike Bar from Nick Cobb's sweaty pocket).

Matt Little regaled the crowd (or at least the couple on the couch that loved graphic novels) with stories of comic book heroism.

The pleasantly wry Amy Crossfield graced our stage for the first time and didn't hesitate to share her ambivalence towards friends with babies.

Money-centric but frugal thug Shock Therapy came out to give his take on the news, brag about his job at the movie theater and show off his dollar-store bling.

Abbi Crutchfield stepped to the mic to share stories of being raised by a single mom, growing up on cereal, and the dangers of wishing for Brian Regan to be your step-father.

Leo Allen also made his Living Room debut, professing the show's first public service announcement on the calamities that may ensue atop the Grand Canyon.

Returning to the show for his second time, Josh Homer shared good (?) news about being a father-to-be, and hope (?) for the future of a multi-racial child. Congratulations! Maybe.

Visiting theologian Rev. Pastor Gardner talked to us about uncomfortable subjects in his 3-Minute Sermon.

Mike Dobbins appropriately followed with stories of his creepy uncle, in many a different dialect.

He became a two-time champion when he received the Funniest Comedian of All Time award! Coincidentally, this paralleled the ending of our show the first time it returned from summer hiatus. There is no need for his alter egos to scare him now that he has a comforting teddy bear night light (C Batteries not included).

Get your security blanket and cuddle up at our next show August 22nd!