Saturday, March 29, 2008

Show 37: The Confessional

(Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts not available for this show)


A packed house, a fantastic lineup, delicious drinks...there was nothing to worry about for this Living Room show! And yet, during the welcome, Abbi confessed to Luke that she was self-conscious about a lot of things and feared they would ruin the show. To stop her from sobbing Luke offered to make fun of his mistakes.

J-L Cauvin, past Funniest Comedian of All Time winner and Living Room regular, took on the role as host for the first time and introduced this parade of stars:

Mo Diggs
John F. O'Donnell
Jason Weems
Josh Filipowski
Luke Thayer
Adira Amram for a music/theater mash-up

with special guests Lois Flagel of Bear Stearns and news by game show contestant Martha Gibbs (not to be confused with 227's Marla Gibbs)!

J-L carried on the theme of confessions by announcing his most recent and costly break-up, and dissecting the power of air quotes.

J-L Cauvin

Mo Diggs made his Living Room debut and served up our first spoken word comedy performance, a rap that had been aged 8 years and was ready to breathe.

Mo Diggs

We interrupted the show to bring an important announcement by Lois Flagel, head of HR, to discuss the repercussions of the acquisition of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan Chase. Employees had not yet been informed of the guerilla rebels that would break into their homes and recuperate unauthorized office supplies.

Abbi Crutchfield as Lois Flagel of HR

John F. O'Donnell, also a past F-CAT award winner sang half of his set and then analyzed the hidden layers of sex bomb Tom Jones.

John F. O'Donnell

Jason Weems came all the way over from the Nation's capital to grace the stage! He reminisced about the magic of 1980s basketball and divulged that our spotlight was capable of warming cornbread.

Jason Weems

He returned to the stage to serve as a contestant on the $25,000 Pyramid News, a game show based around the current events. He lost to returning champion Martha Gibbs, who has a skill of giving awful clues to keep people from winning.

Luke Thayer, Jason Weems and Abbi Crutchfield

Don't be fooled by his wholesome sweaters--Josh Filipowski is a confessed party thrower and goer. He shared his views on partying in the good ol' days and today. He is also a past Funniest Comedian of All Time award winner. Does he become a two-time champ?

Josh Filipowski

Co-producer Luke Thayer admitted to growing up portly and evaluated the woes of a wealthy politician.

Luke Thayer

Adira Amram closed the show with a confession about the cause of the leaky ceiling of the tenant under her. She finished with an incredible musical explosion involving a stick of beef jerky and a cameo by Paul Rubens. You really had to be there.

Adira Amram

Skibbedy bop bee bap, the Hat of Chance likes rap! And in the face three former champs, Mo Diggs became the evening's Funniest Comedian of All Time! If he sets his new alarm clock to 5:00AM, he will re-live the same day over for the rest of his life.

Winner!  Mo Diggs

Bring your secrets to our next show April 11th, or we will have to let you go.

Abbi Crutchfield as Lois Flagel of HR

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Living Room Alumni Sweet 16 Finalists in March Comedy Madness

Three comedians who have graced our stage made it all the way to the Sweet 16 round of the March Comedy Madness competition at Caroline's!

Reese Waters, Lance Weiss, and J.L. Cauvin showed their stuff and proved their worth over an original pool of 64 comedians! You can't do that with fart jokes and a hypnosis kit.

The show is the brainchild of another Living Room homey, Josh Filipowski of Like2Laugh Productions.

Check out the rest of the competitions as the Elite Eight and Final Four showdowns are bound to make you more money than your awful college ball brackets.

TUESDAYS, 9:30pm
Carolines on Broadway
1626 Broadway (btwn 49th/50th)

Great job guys!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Show 36: Spitzer? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

You say the Governor's scandal is the only thing that has kept you entertained for the past week? Well it's a good thing you came to The Living Room to cleanse yourself of betrayal and enjoy a night of hilarity.


Jeff Cerulli hosted this stellar lineup:

Elon James White
Charlie Kasov
Abbi Crutchfield
Joselyn Hughes
Matt Daly

with "special" guest Lionel and the news by Andrew Warshack, artist/inventor of Warshack tests!

Before presenting the host, Abbi and Luke got into it over whether or not it is okay to solicit prostitutes. Luke: nay, Abbi: a-okay. Hell frozen over or a sneaky game of reverse-psychology? Stay tuned...

Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer

Jeff Cerulli kicked off the show with his issues with babies. Nothing against them. Just refuses to have contact with them. Bacheloriffic!

Jeff Cerulli

Elon James White popped in to rehearse for a Montreal Audition. We hope he remembers to include ad-libs about us in Canada.

Elon James White

EFS gave a super show on very little sleep. We haven't seen stamina this since Abbi finished an entire bowl of generic Grape-Nuts.

Lionel wandered in to recount his conviction of having seen a space monkey.

Luke Thayer as Leon

Charlie Kasov had a splendid set matching international politics with inter-neighborhood gentrification.

Charlie Kasov

Abbi Crutchfield hit the scene to lament a middle-class upbringing of healthy cereals mixed with Saturday morning cartoons.

Abbi Crutchfield

Artist-slash-inventor, Andrew Warshack posted his Warshack blot tests on the wall and showed how each depicted a current event. Love him! Want him! Need him!

Luke Thayer as Andrew Warshack

Joselyn Hughes showed off her new 'do and contemplated the worst pick-up lines she has ever heard.

Joselyn Hughes

Show stopper Matt Daly rocked the mic as the closer, or as he puts it, "the Kevin Bacon's wife of the show".

Matt Daly

The Hat of Chance decidedly selected Charlie Kasov to receive the Funniest Comedian of All Time award! He went home with a free bagel and a Warshack test autographed by Abbi and Luke.

Winner!  Charlie Kasov

Testing his open relationship, Luke announced that he would be visiting a strip club after the show. Abbi promptly dumped him.

Luke Thayer and Abbi Crutchfield

Bring your ink blots to our next show March 28th and we'll analyze your laugh potential!