Sunday, August 27, 2006

Show 6: Past Your Bedtime

The show started later than usual, but that did not stop eleven year old Anthony from sticking around to warm up the crowd. Resolute, he traded dinner for Cheetos and proved: 1) it is never too early to try your hand at stand-up, and 2) kids stink at telling jokes.

Luke hosted once again welcoming the crowd and comedians
Andrew Wright
Lauren Rochelle
Baron Vaughn and
J.L. Cauvin
reassuring everyone that a good time was in store!

Andrew Wright followed with a great set devoid of Pop-eye impressions, despite what this picture will lead you to believe.

Mrs. Odell Peterson briefly abandoned her shut-in lifestyle to encourage everyone to rent Cocoon this week.

Lauren Rochelle ducked into a super set giving Judy Gold a run for her money.

Celebrity Sighting: Up-and-coming singing sensation Corinne Bailey Rae promoted her album while giving her opinions on the stories making today’s headlines.

Baron Vaughn set the bar for how to hold a crowd’s attention while offering knee-slapping anecdotes.

J.L., the jolly brown giant, topped off the night with a commanding presence and (insert one more comment on his height here).

Abbi led a thirty-second workout where she rocked a sweatband and took thirty seconds to work out new material. It was as painful as actual exercise, but jokes don't get funny from sitting around and eating donuts all day, people!

The Hat of Chance decided the fate of everyone’s reputation in the room

and selected J.L. to win the Funniest Comedian of All Time award. And yes, he does happen to love Cornflower seeds.

A lovely audience member became the first recipient of the Burt Reynolds award this evening! That’s right—AUDIENCE GETS PRIZES TOO! We’re generous. And we can’t wait to give you something on September 8th!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Show 5: Come Here Often?

After his usual pre-show séance (it's always wise to summon the spirits of the comedy greats)...

Luke took crowd intimacy to a new level when he hosted the entire show as if it were a first date. He expressed an eagerness to please, anxiety, jealousy, and after he embarrassed himself, he had the support of six of his friends:
Mike Ennis
Laura Mannino
Greg Tito
Maria Shehata
Brendan Fitzgibbons and
Carolyn Castiglia

A salivating Bull Mastiff outside of the shop refused to be coaxed inside by troublemaker Mike Ennis, but some dogs don’t like comedy shows.

Our resident film critic Ricky Roundtree gave her Rental Review of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and revealed how Vince Vaughn devised Brangelina just to woo Ms. Aniston.

Laura Mannino hit on the current events of our lives with plenty of energy, and Greg Tito taught everyone a new reason to love non-smokers.

Celebrity sighting: Famed photographer and comedy aficionado Asa graced the room and was on the edge of his seat for the evening’s performers.

News from the Net dropped in, and reporter Rachel Quintanilla-de la Vega-Ricardo-Los Lonely Boys delivered a stirring update on Mel Gibson and airport security.

Like a young Letterman intern, newcomer Brendan Fitzgibbons was eager to share his comedy and kept the crowd’s attention.

Maria Shehata brought Ohio love, and Carolyn Castiglia put the sass in sassafras to round out a hilarious night of monkeyshines!

Carolyn Castiglia became the Funniest Comedian of All Time and took home Self-Made Man to prove it. Maybe the journey into manhood and back again will help her become as good a father as she is a mother! Speaking of parents, don’t forget to bring YOURS to our next show on August 25th!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show 4: Whose Wig Is It Anyway?

The show ran like clockwork from prompt performers to an eager and attentive audience. Luke gave the comics a pep talk outside of the shop before show time. He touched on the dangers of crack cocaine and the importance of writing thank you notes after dinner parties. This photo was taken right before a group high five. This week's comedians were
Jeff Ceruli
Chad Weiss
Jeremy Schachter
Ruhbin Mehta

Abbi treated early arrivals to her dead-on characterization of Denise Huxtable (because every comedian should have a Cosby impression).
Luke put some special sauce on his performance for a friend in the crowd visiting from out of town. You’d be surprised at how many of his fans show up wearing the black t-shirt and jeans that made him famous. .
Look! There's another one! Why, it's the hilarious Jeff Ceruli waxing poetic on love, baseball and parties.
Chad Weiss rocked the mic
with a tribute to his Jewish heritage, and then Jeremy Schachter stepped up to bat and teach us all the real value of candy. Living Room fans who don't have time to read the news or watch T.V. got a live bulletin from famed reporter('s nephew) Fred Koppel. He admitted that his shiny, red hair is 100% real. Get in line, ladies!

Ruhbin Mehta rounded out the night with an ode to birds, but it wasn't enough to win the Funniest Comedian of All Time. The title is now held by Jeremy Schachter who, to commemorate the occasion, was gifted with The It Girl's Guide to Video. It's pink and has references to romantic comedies from the 1930s. What's not to love? Here's a better question: Aren't you psyched to come August 11th?