Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show 4: Whose Wig Is It Anyway?

The show ran like clockwork from prompt performers to an eager and attentive audience. Luke gave the comics a pep talk outside of the shop before show time. He touched on the dangers of crack cocaine and the importance of writing thank you notes after dinner parties. This photo was taken right before a group high five. This week's comedians were
Jeff Ceruli
Chad Weiss
Jeremy Schachter
Ruhbin Mehta

Abbi treated early arrivals to her dead-on characterization of Denise Huxtable (because every comedian should have a Cosby impression).
Luke put some special sauce on his performance for a friend in the crowd visiting from out of town. You’d be surprised at how many of his fans show up wearing the black t-shirt and jeans that made him famous. .
Look! There's another one! Why, it's the hilarious Jeff Ceruli waxing poetic on love, baseball and parties.
Chad Weiss rocked the mic
with a tribute to his Jewish heritage, and then Jeremy Schachter stepped up to bat and teach us all the real value of candy. Living Room fans who don't have time to read the news or watch T.V. got a live bulletin from famed reporter('s nephew) Fred Koppel. He admitted that his shiny, red hair is 100% real. Get in line, ladies!

Ruhbin Mehta rounded out the night with an ode to birds, but it wasn't enough to win the Funniest Comedian of All Time. The title is now held by Jeremy Schachter who, to commemorate the occasion, was gifted with The It Girl's Guide to Video. It's pink and has references to romantic comedies from the 1930s. What's not to love? Here's a better question: Aren't you psyched to come August 11th?

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P. Wiggly said...

Hey, your show looks awesome! Can't wait to check it out.