Sunday, July 16, 2006

Show 3: Eight is Enough

We upped the ante with SIX new performers in the show this week (in addition to the two regulars) and the pay-off was big! The audience was ready and waiting for the hilarious talent of
Lance Weiss
Barry Rothbart
Sara Schaefer
John F. O’Donnell
Becky Donohue and
Jacqueline Novak
Lance warmed up the room right away with a striped shirt and a smile and shared his thoughts on Southern Hospitality. Barry charmed the room and connected directly with the crowd to teach us the fine line between being friendly and getting arrested.

Celebrity sighting: The talented Chicago actor Warren Jackson paid a visit to enjoy the show he'd heard so much about.

We interrupted the program for an important news bulletin from the wacky and famed journalist, Rooney MacDowell.

Sara Schaefer brought a mellow mood and treated us to the hilarious half-truth that may or may not have involved her husband who may or may not have been directly in front of her.

John F. O’Donnell had the audience on the edge of their seats listening for how they could participate in his outrageous and inspired plan to save the world!
We could all relate to Becky Donohue’s travails with her mother that had the room rolling with laughter.

Jacqueline Novak kept the humor standard high with her insights into childhood and dating.

She even walked away with the coveted F-CAT award. Two gifts in one: a thermal pack with an extra surprise of a book inside! How can we afford to give away these luxurious prizes? Are we funded by a huge network like Wheel of Fortune? Or do we have a cousin in COSTCO who gets us a discount?
You’ll have to come to the show to find out. See you July 28th!

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