Friday, July 07, 2006

Show 2: The Kid and His Cap Gun

What a memorable show! The Living Room brought in another great crowd this week. Audiences like this make it fun to be a comedian.

This week’s performers were:
Matt McCarthy
JL Cauvin
Del and
Nick Cobb

Matt hit the crowd hard from the beginning summoning the essence of Lindsay Lohan with his own brand of Red Head humor that puts most Vikings to shame.
JL towered over the coffee shop crowd, Godzilla-style, and treated us all to a lesson in child-rearing.

Del proved that Big Stomachs Rule (her words--but we agree) while captivating us all with her acrobatic entertainment. Nick rounded out the show strong, despite a sore throat and kid outside with a cap gun. How many comics do you know who can perform so well at gunpoint?

No show is complete without the coronation of the “Funniest Comedian of All Time!” By a landslide, this week’s random winner was Matt McCarthy!

Be sure to check out another great show at The Living Room on July 14th. See you then!

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