Friday, October 24, 2008

Show 47: 3rd Annual Halloween Scare-avaganza

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

Happy Halloween from The Living Room!

Trick or treat! Smell our feet. Give us something good to read! Here you go, kiddies. We asked NYC's finest comics to dress in costume and help us celebrate our third annual Halloween Scare-avaganza! Look who dropped in!

Host of Honor Barry Rothbart introduced the following lineup:
Charlie Kasov
Ben Kissell
Hasan McLendon
Luke Thayer
and a sketch by Delusions of Spandex

With special guest appearances by Michelle Obama and High School Musical's Corbin Bleu!

Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer
Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the forty-seventh show with lots of candy and then revealed their costumes to each other. Abbi pulled out two Emmy's to show she was Kathy Griffin, and Luke celebrated as a Puerto-Rican hair stylist.

Barry Rothbart
Barry Rothbart starred as not only our host but as a Wall Street stock broker who took the news of the economy harder and harder as the night went on (and as his nose got powdery-er).

Charlie Kasov
Charlie Kasov returned to the show to warn spectators of the scams run in exotic clubs.

Abbi Crutchfield as Michelle Obama
A candid and celebratory Michelle Obama lost her composure several times while dissecting McCain's latest gaffes. Patience, Michelle!

Ben Kissell
Making his debut on the show, Ben Kissell wove a tale of made of funny jokes and references to underpants.

Hasan McLendon
Marking his second appearance on the show, Hasan came back to tell it like it is.

Abbi Crutchfield as Corbin Bleu
Holy Disney sequels! High School Musical 3 had its premier the night of our show, and to celebrate and announce other stars making headlines, the Living Room welcomed Corbin "don't call me Cordon" Bleu!

Luke Thayer
Luke Thayer dazzled the audience with his dark curls and large set list on tiny stool.

Phaea Crede of Delusions of Spandex
Becca Jones of Delusions of Spandex
Hello? Who is this? It's not a scene from Scary Movie, but it is a tale of revenge. It's another hilarious sketch by Delusions of Spandex to close the show.

Winner!  Hasan McLendon
The Hat of Chance selected Hasan as the Funniest Comedian of All Time! This ghastly collage with no eyebrows is sure to give him nightmares.

Party till it ain't October no more, then be thankful for all the hairs on your head at our Thanksgiving Special on November 14th! Only show for the entire month of November!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Show 46: You're Not From Around Here, Are You?

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts not available for this show.

Our first show in October brought out the freaks! That is, the non-New Yorkers. The theme of being a transplant magically developed throughout the evening's performance. So get your dry ice and a cooler ready to read all about it! Transplant good?

Host of Honor Nick Cobb introduced the following lineup:
Jared Logan
Jennifer Grant
Abbi Crutchfield
Dave Lester
a character by Harry Terjanian

With a special guest appearance by Harry Woodard and a special photo presentation by Abbi and Luke.

Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the forty-sixth show and revealed, during these politically saturated times, that they are split on who they want to be President. If only for the elected Vice President that either will be able to portray in later show episodes.

In addition to the producers being from Indiana, the hand-picked host of the evening Nick Cobb is from Tennessee.

He ruminated over the inadequecy of his friend's job-hunting skills. Don't we all? If not, that makes you the friend.

Jared Logan is also from the Midwest, albeit trendy Chicago, Illinois.

He explored a new take on old Christian practices. It was enough to make Kirk Cameron blush.

You just can't keep them from talking about it, Abbi and Luke returned to the stage to discuss their relationship.

This time with regard to their engagement photos and more importantly, the embarrassing photos of other recently engaged folks.

Jennifer Grant may be from Canada

but she still knows how to drink and date and regret it like an NYU student.

Don't bother him with news of Sarah Palin, it's the Alaska-accented Harry Woodard making his debut on the show.

He came to share his take on the current events and address but not explain the bolts in his neck. (Dramatization of actual character. Although we wouldn't put it past this guy having a bolt in the neck.)

Abbi Crutchfield strutted proudly around the stage while joking to show she had mastered the art of walking in stilettos without falling. We all remember how dangerous stiletto heels can be.

Dave Lester traveled from far and wide to talk about...wait a minute! He didn't travel. He's from here!

Okay, we snuck in one Brooklynite. But who else is going to teach us how to raise our kids? Everyone else we know uses time outs. Dave uses straight up revenge.

Hailing from...we don't know, but we'll guess Hilarioustown, Harry Terjanian

celebrated his debut on our show with a glimpse inside the mind of the man behind the marshmallow mouth.

As he told haunting tales of celebrities past, the combo of gummybears, mayonnaise and corn chips never made so much sense.

Too bad foreigners, the Hat of Chance favored locals tonight! Dave Lester became the evening's Funniest Comedian of All Time, winning the same life-size doll that was featured in our Living Room video "Doll-itis".
Abbi Crutchfield as a Doll
He's sure to have plenty of nightmares with that in his house.

Speaking of which, get your goblin and ghoul costumes ready! Our 3rd Annual Halloween-Scareavaganza on October 10th is not to be missed!

Prize for the best costume!

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