Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Show 5: Come Here Often?

After his usual pre-show séance (it's always wise to summon the spirits of the comedy greats)...

Luke took crowd intimacy to a new level when he hosted the entire show as if it were a first date. He expressed an eagerness to please, anxiety, jealousy, and after he embarrassed himself, he had the support of six of his friends:
Mike Ennis
Laura Mannino
Greg Tito
Maria Shehata
Brendan Fitzgibbons and
Carolyn Castiglia

A salivating Bull Mastiff outside of the shop refused to be coaxed inside by troublemaker Mike Ennis, but some dogs don’t like comedy shows.

Our resident film critic Ricky Roundtree gave her Rental Review of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and revealed how Vince Vaughn devised Brangelina just to woo Ms. Aniston.

Laura Mannino hit on the current events of our lives with plenty of energy, and Greg Tito taught everyone a new reason to love non-smokers.

Celebrity sighting: Famed photographer and comedy aficionado Asa graced the room and was on the edge of his seat for the evening’s performers.

News from the Net dropped in, and reporter Rachel Quintanilla-de la Vega-Ricardo-Los Lonely Boys delivered a stirring update on Mel Gibson and airport security.

Like a young Letterman intern, newcomer Brendan Fitzgibbons was eager to share his comedy and kept the crowd’s attention.

Maria Shehata brought Ohio love, and Carolyn Castiglia put the sass in sassafras to round out a hilarious night of monkeyshines!

Carolyn Castiglia became the Funniest Comedian of All Time and took home Self-Made Man to prove it. Maybe the journey into manhood and back again will help her become as good a father as she is a mother! Speaking of parents, don’t forget to bring YOURS to our next show on August 25th!


Greg TIto said...

Wow, my eyes are rolling back in my head there. That cigarette I just had was awesome.

The Living Room said...

Disclaimer: The Living Room does not condone the act of smoking as a healthy pastime nor the use of the word "awesome".