Friday, April 27, 2007

Show 21: First Things First

Celebrating 21 with an ice cold O'Douls, The Living Room was full of anticipation for a lot of firsts. First time comedians, first time to the room-pros, and first muppet-eyebrowed characters gracing the stage!

Coca Cola front man and barely legal comedian (he's Canadian) Ruhbin Mehta is back from the North to share new tales of parent-induced trauma.

It was just what the audience needed to feel better about themselves and embrace the amazing comedy talent of
David Minksy
Sue Ball
Luke Thayer
Kiley Tracy
Ari Voukydis and
Sara Schaefer!

David Minsky had a great set at his first time to the Living Room. Although he worked for free he still kept perspective and told of the horrors of jobs that actually pay. Does he look like Bill Hicks to anyone else? Just us?

In light of a recent custody battle, Hollywood Dad John Davis came to give a lesson in Good Parenting. Points like “Get a Paternity Test” and “Don’t Kill Your Kid’s Mom” did not fall on deaf ears. Unfortunately, John had a meltdown when he couldn’t reach his 4 year old on her cell, so we’re gonna have to classify his advice as only somewhat helpful.

Celebrating her debut as a stand-up, Rochelle taught us you’re never too old to (ignore your disgruntled husband and) follow your dreams! We’re sure it’s that same self-confidence that elected to wear a mumu in public.

Wearing the first and only home made Dumb and Dumber shirt we’ve ever seen,
Luke Thayer graced the stage with new gripes about kids crying. Is someone trying to say he’s ready to be a dad?? Awww…

America’s first loser-turned-less of a loser, Idol sensation Sanjaya came by to sing “Besame Mucho” and give his take on the news. Ruhbin was kind enough to conduct the interview but had a hard time keeping the young and inexperienced celebrity still. Candy worked. If his appearance brings about half the questions as the one by Clay Aiken , we pity the fool. But don’t let that stop you from commenting! Especially YOU, Anonymous.

The first Aaron Neville impressionist we’ve had at the show, Kiley Tracy, took the stage and didn’t leave without discussing what’s on everybody’s mind: parents and forwards…enough!!

Ari Voukydis told a creepy highway story like it was Halloween, only this one had a hilarious ending. The weird part came when an audience member recognized him as a possible distant relative! They chatted after the show, compared details on napkins, and called family members. The Living Room is proud of its Big Fat Greek Coincidence!

Celebrity Sighting! Comedian, writer and producer Jon Friedman of The Rejection Show stopped by for his first visit and judged the Living Room mercilessly. We interpret body language in lieu of asking directly. Furthermore, his elbows say he wishes he could win the audience triva. Does he? Keep reading...

The inimitable Sara Schaefer closed the show and showed us why she’s not the first (gotta stay consistent) person to hate infomercials. Right on! Down with ads. We’ll still take two of whatever she’s selling.

Le Chapeau de Chance decided that the Funniest Comedian of All Time is Sue Ball! We couldn’t agree more. She took home a freshly found copy of Legends, Lies, and Cherished Myths of American History. It’s no National Treasure, but like Voigt and Cage, it is old and musty!

Two audience members correctly answered the trivia question and were treated to two coupons to the fabulous restaurant Alaturka!

Come check out our next show May 11th and try your hand at winning a prize. Think you have what it takes? See if you can answer the trivia questions below!

Q: How tall is Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever?
A: 8'11"

Q: Who wrote this question?
A: "I did" (or "me" is also acceptable)

Q: What type of cream cheese do I have in my refrigerator?
A: vegetable-flavored.

Q: Deal or no deal?
A: Deal.

Q: What did the leper say to the whore?
A: Keep the tip.

Check out our photos of the event on Flickr here.


Heidi said...

And again, the Living Room uses it's power to call me out. Good thing I love you guys and I am guaranteed laughs at every show. Otherwise, I might be taking this personally!

The Living Room said...

It's not a call out, it's a shout-out. WOOT WOOT! When we're calling you out, we'll refer to you as "Fart breath", and when we're cat-calling you out, we'll call you "(wolf whistle)".