Monday, December 11, 2006

Show 12: You Are What You Eat

What a fantastic show we had! The audience was treated to an hour of edible imagery from references to Hostess Snoballs to Shower Coffee to tainted Taco Bell. Afterwards, Renaissance Man Chris Serico drew this homage on a restaurant paper tablecloth to commemorate the theme.

Comedian Jason Roberts held hands with his lady at a cozy table in anticipation of one amazing lineup:

Carolyn Castiglia,
Dan Frigolette,
Jacqueline Novak, and
Joe Larson!
Brendan Fitzgibbons kicked off this show with his book of wisdom and a fool proof plan for a pain-free breakup.

Carolyn Castiglia brought breast cancer awareness to a new level in head-to-toe pink, but it was her news headlines that kept us informed and giggling.

Behind the scenes exclusive: These are the very notes that crafted Dan Frigolette's tell-all set. A stand-up is a writer first!

Clay Aiken picked up where Carolyn left off and offered his rendition of today's current events. He even treated the coffee shop to some superb a capella!

Luke took the mic to speak his mind on what he really knows about...and what he doesn't. And weiners.

Cat-comedian hybrid Jacqueline Novak purred her mind during an impromptu segment of hilarious riffing.

Celebrity sighting! You've seen him on soaps, but actor Jason Peterson holds back no fake tears tonight as he unwinds for a night of loose laughter.
Faithful Taco Bell employee Yolanda Riley swings by to clear her employer's name, dance a little and resist the temptation of a cinnamon twist.

Joe Larson masterfully closes the show but not before sampling a drink from one nearby audience member! It's tight like that at the Living Room. Backwash happens.

But success only happens to one talented artist, and this evening, for her SECOND time, Jacqueline Novak took home the title of Funniest Comedian of All Time! Jason followed suit by answering a trivia question and won Nickelodeon's Scene It! It took a whole box of Trix, but seeing the smile on his face made it all worth it.

Put on your jingle bells, and come back December 22nd to hear the holiday hijinx at the Living Room Christmas Special!


anniemal said...

Clay Aiken was there?????? Where was I????? Whenever I see him on TV, he is so funny!!! I like his voice, but always thought he should be a stand up comic. Was he really there??????

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in knowing what date this show was... because Clay Aiken is currently in the middle of a Christmas holiday tour and was seen at a Philadelphia restaurant this past Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the articles, but that is NOT Clay Aiken!!! He is a terrific stand up comedian, and can surely sing his buns off, but the picture is NOT of him!!! Am wondering if he was really there

The Living Room said...

Glad you enjoyed reading about the shows, anon. We'd love to see you at one some time! Clay Aiken wears a spray tan now so people can tell the difference between him and Conan O'Brien.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it wasn't the real Clay. He was on a day off from his fabulous and very funny Christmas. He is a singer/stand-up comic. His interaction with his audience is hysterical so he would have been an asset to your show. I can't figure out why that woman in the photo is calling herself "Clay Aiken."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Clay knows someone is using his name.

The Living Room said...

Hey Clay fans, we have to post your comments because they are hilarious. The show features stand-up comics and parodies of celebrities. Mystery solved! Also, he did an impersonation of Abbi once at this Christmas party 7 years ago, so she did hers of him as payback. Then he called her from his blackberry and said, "Oh no you didn't," and she said, "Oh yes I did," and he said, "Wait till my anonymous fans hear about this! They'll never stand for it..." And Abbi said, "You don't have fans, Cletus," and he said, "Shows how much you know, my original name is Clayton Holmes Grissom." She paused for a moment and then said, "You just looked up your biography on The REAL Clay Aiken would never do that," and he said, "So? My fans will still believe anything I say," and Abbi sighed and said, "Look, I can't do this right now. I have a blog to maintain," and he said, "Yeah, I'm gonna be on Days of Our Lives soon, so keep doin' that Living Room show, and feel free to do all the impressions of me you want, because I, Clay Aiken, approve. Love-ya-bye!"

Luke said...

These anonymous comments HAVE to be a joke! Calling Clay Aiken a stand-up comic is like calling Gary Coleman a pop-singer.