Friday, April 13, 2007

Show 20: Friday the 13th Spooktacular des Femmes

Alternative title: Luck Be a Lady Tonight!

It's ladies night, and the feeling's who better to kick off the evening than a man with the hairstyle of Tatum O'Neal in the Bad News Bears?

Luke Thayer led the lineup as host and captivated another full house!

Our brave crowd chose to press their luck and put superstition aside this dark and cloudy Friday the 13th! They were not disappointed as the night rolled in the talent of:
Lang Fisher
Robin Cloud
Becky Ciletti and
a sketch by Delusions of Spandex

Lightning struck twice as Lang Fisher made her second appearance on a Friday the 13th show! The odds were excellent that she’d give another solid set, and it tickled us pink. Then she turned into a toad and hopped away.

America’s least shocking shock jock Honest Warrd came out to support his fallen hero Don Imus. He tried his best to offend as many groups as he could, but in the end it was his plug for his advertiser that proved the most appalling.

Embracing her new neighborhood, Del reminisced about the horrors of her old one. Her musings on the evolution of bodies led to an impromptu booty-off with one of the Postmark staff. YES!

The blondest bombshell Connecticut has to offer, Marsha Peterson swung by to give her two cents about the latest current events. Then to prove she’s not out of touch with society, she left to hand the rest of her cents to “the poor people who eat at McDonalds.”

It was time for the no-nonsense wit of Jerri Beige, a bus driver with more sass than a mess of school kids. She shared her wisdom on race relations, and the room’s interracial couples were better for it.

Don’t cry for her unless you want to make out…Becky Ciletti is back, this time with a helpful visual to demonstrate her dating angst.

We closed the show with Phaea Crede and Becca Jones who comprised our first ever guest sketch troupe, Delusions of Spandex! Hey gals! Want a mascara that will last as long as your self-esteem in a high pressure environment? Then get hip to their new product!

The Hat of Chance selected Robin Cloud as the new Funniest Comedian of All Time! After a very emotional trip to the stage, she proudly accepted two tickets to see Donald Trump Live in November 2006 (time machine not included)!

From the Golden Box of Knowledge we picked the night’s Audience Trivia Question. One man knew the answer and took home FIVE delicious meals from Willie’s! He’s a regular at the show, so we’re glad to see a fan’s dedication pay off.

There was more trivia we didn’t get to read, so we're going to post the funniest questions here some day so you can laugh at them properly. We have more of EVERYTHING in store for the next show on April 27th. That’s a month before Abbi’s birthday. Celebrations, y’all! See you there!

Check out our photos of the event on Flickr here.


barista said...

Wow! The co-host sure is embracing the audience member - watch your hands boys, watch your hands!

Robin "redbone" Cloud said...

that's jerri beige you twat. get it straight. love, jerri

Abbi said...

TWO Rs? I know someone who would enjoy that name... I'll give you a hint. It's an anagram for Howard Stern...

The Living Room said...

Dear Barista, thank you for being on the lookout. It's hard to find that kind of vigilence (formerly attributed to nosey, loud-mouthed talk show audience members) these days. P.S. Luke and Abbi are getting a divorce.

The Living Room said...

Dear Robin, Paige is better. It's hip. It's happenin'. Everybody's doing it. Get on the bandwagon.