Friday, December 19, 2008

Show 49: Holiday Wrap-Up

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

Chris Maloney in short film "Betrayal"

It's the last show of the year! Can you believe it?

We invited everyone to come out and celebrate the festivities. And by festivities we mean the shabby garland we hang on the wall each year.

Host of Honor Mike Ennis introduced the following lineup:
Reese Waters
Stacia Jensen
Luke Thayer
Liam McEneaney
a sketch by Team Submarine
a comedy short by Tyler Flowers and Chris Maloney

With special guest appearance by Trudy Westwood, Casting Agent and a sketch by Abbi Crutchfield.

Abbi and Luke
Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the forty-ninth show with an awkward exchange about holiday wear that ended with Abbi storming off. Luke called her back, and when she asked for an apology, he said, "I'm sorry that bit did not go well." Abbi introduced a short film by Chris Maloney and Tyler Flowers, called "Betrayal".

Tyler Flowers
Tyler enjoyed his work again from the audience.

Mike Ennis
Mike Ennis enjoyed riffing on the art by kids that adorned the walls and talked about his family. Then he bought some for a suggested donation. Artwork, not family members.

Reese Waters
Reese Waters returned to discuss the complexities of interracial dating. It's not just a black and white matter. Although sometimes it is.

Abbi Crutchfield during "Baby It's Cold Outside, The Untold Story"
Abbi returned for an updated version of the twisted sketch, "Baby It's Cold Outside, The Untold Story". Nothing like murder around the holidays. Right, Valkyrie?

Stacia Jensen
Newcomer to the show Stacia Jensen explored the possibilities and implications of leaving New York City and the horrors of dry weddings.

Luke Thayer
His ears were burning, so Luke commented on his own potentially dry wedding. Think of the savings!

Abbi Crutchfield as Trudy Westwood, Casting Agent and Brendan Fitzgibbons
Trudy Westwood of Westwood Casting hears all of the news first, and she shared it with us. But first she coached comedian Brendan Fitzgibbons on how to read for a soup commercial.

Liam McEneaney
Liam McEneaney returned to the Living Room to talk about his Irish heritage, and what it means to live by the Bible. Not related.

Nate Fernald and Steve O'Brien of Team Submarine
Closing out the show and making their Living Room debut, we had Nate Fernald and Steve O'Brien of Team Submarine who played a rousing game of Truth or Dare!

The award ceremony took an unusual turn...
Bring Out The Hat of Chance!

Liam McEneaney was named the Funniest Comedian of All Time! But an audience voiced his need for his favorite performer to win "because she and I are the only people who smoke." So Stacia Jensen got the Smoker's Choice Award! So much for that New Year's resolution.
Winner!  Liam McEneaney

Get giddy for our next show on Friday January 9th, 2009! It's our fiftieth episode!

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