Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Show 48: Thank You for Being a Friend

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

Margot Leitman

Whether new to the show or house favorites, every one of our performing friends brought his or her A-game, and it made for a spectacular Thanksgiving show, good enough to last the whole month!

Host of Honor Jeff Sussman introduced the following lineup:
Abbi Crutchfield
Dino Vigo
Margot Leitman
Dan St. Germain
a character by Thomas Middleditch

With special guest appearances by McCain campaign advisor Charles Eddy and Dietrich.

Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer
Abbi and Luke tried to out-orange each other for the holiday and welcomed viewers to the forty-eighth show by sharing tender, precious reasons they are thankful. Abbi's list was mostly romantic, and Luke's was mostly about stuff, but they could both agree on laxatives.

Jeff Sussman
Jeff Sussman got us revved up for the new James Bond film and reminded us of why it's important to be good to your wait staff.

Abbi Crutchfield
It seems like only eight minutes ago! Abbi Crutchfield came back on stage to celebrate the return of the biracial celebrity. It's never been a better time to wear black and white.

Luke as Charles Eddy, advisor to McCain Campaign
Don't call it a comeback. Political advisor to the McCain campaign Charles Eddy is in search of a new role. He offered up professional advice to celebrities making headlines today, but we're not sure it will help them much.

Dino Vigo
Marking his first time to the room, the hilarious Dino Vigo dispelled some rumors about his Hispanic heritage.

Margot Leitman
Also making her debut was the flaxen-haired storyteller Margot Leitman, We had as much fun as she did exploring the dawn of progressive cat-calls and the connection between laundry and a relationship's financial future.

Luke Thayer as Dietrich
Killing silence since the day he was born, the loud and opinionated Dietrich stomped onto the stage to list his THREE AND A HALF PEARLS OF WISDOM!

And what did the Germans in the audience think?

"Veddy Interesting. But dumb."

Dan St. Germain
The young and impassioned Dan St. Germain marked his first time at the show decrying hot-headed strangers, aging beauty pageant contestants and pensive klansmen.

Thomas Middleditch as a 13 yr old doing stand-up
Closing out the show was the unique talent of 10 year old Kevin Evans, trying his hand at stand-up. He made sure to wear a skateboarding helmet for protection from hecklers.

Winner!  Dino Vigo
It may have been the supafly leather coat--the Hat of Chance selected Dino Vigo as the Funniest Comedian of All Time!

Bring your lovely face and festive earrings to our holiday special, the only one for the entire month, on December 12th!

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