Friday, January 09, 2009

Show 50: Brand New Year

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

Corwin Moore

While Luke had a gig in sunny Mexico, comics and audience were bundled up in New York to enjoy another installment of The Living Room!

Host of Honor RG Daniels introduced the following lineup:
Kevin McCaffrey
Hilary Schwartz
Corwin Moore
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Abbi Crutchfield
and a character by Steve Bossous

With a special guest appearance by Rosa Fiasco with the news!

Abbi Crutchfield and Brendan Fitzgibbons
Abbi welcomed viewers to the fiftieth show and thought she was accompanied by Luke, until the man removed his glasses to reveal he was Brendan Fitzgibbons! Shocked, Abbi realized the whole week long she had been making someone ELSE help her with chores.

RG Daniels
RG Daniels wanted viewers to know he is not a morning person. Luckily he told us at night.

Hilary Schwartz
Hilary Schwartz discussed Jewish life for her first time on the show. Here's to many more tales of mother-induced woe.

Kevin McCaffrey
Kevin McCaffrey let us know off the bat that he fights with Muppets like nobody's business. And makes a habit of being an irreverent Catholic. Just like Jim Henson.

Abbi Crutchfield as Rosa Fiasco
No one knows current events like hairstylist Rosa Fiasco. Because when you've been cooped up in a salon all day, you know them a different way than everyone else does.

Brendan Fitzgibbons
Living Room regular Brendan Fitzgibbons had a thing or two to say about New Jersey and his take on US Weekly. Both suck.

Abbi Crutchfield
Abbi Crutchfield unleashed all of her impressions in one fell swoop, so wipe that Jack Nicholson smile right off your face.

Steve Bossous as Militant Black Warrior
The Militant Black Warrior treated us to some serious life lessons and scared everyone into laughing. Gotta have a hook.

Corwin Moore
Corwin Moore spent his first time on the show talking about life and making some hilarious Obama observations after the looong election. How long was it? Go see his act to find out.

Jermaine Fowler
Jermain Fowler made his debut and warned audience members of the dangers of visiting in Brooklyn. At least he lived to tell the tale.

Winner!  Brendan Fitzgibbons
The room was bursting with talent, and the Hat of Chance chose Brendan Fitzgibbons as the Funniest Comedian of All Time. He was awarded with America's favorite game of wooden blocks. America's second favorite game of wooden blocks: actual wooden blocks.

Get your "Welcome Home" sign ready for Luke's return on January 23rd!

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