Saturday, February 24, 2007

Show 17: J is for Jeveryone!

This past Living Room was chock full of coincidences. Everyone in our line up had a name that begins with J! And everyone else's name begins with L! (File it under irony that J.L. Cauvin did not perform on this fated night!)

The hardest working man in pro-bono showbiz Lance Weiss hosted this amazing group of talent:
Jeff Cerulli
Jacob D'Eustachio
Jason Roberts
Luke Thayer and
Jiwon Li

Lance opened the show and warmed up the crowd to just the right temperature. They were instantly transported to a restaurant where Luke and Abbi performed another original sketch. This time about the blind date gone wrong that goes right but then really is wrong when you think about it.

Jeff Cerulli grabbed the room by its horns and made it listen! The room doesn't even have horns, so how's THAT for a second appearance on the show?

For the first time at The Living Room, we offered free haircuts to everyone in the crowd when Coney Island wonder Jacob D'Eustachio juggled actual knives inches above their heads! That'll teach 'em to be too scared to sit up front!

Luke Thayer brought sweat shirt truth to his performance and dropped some biblical knowledge. A church lesson within a comedy show? Two for one!

The fresh-faced and many-friended Jason Roberts taught us all a boat-full and kept us laughing heartily. Like a hearty stew. I'm hungry.

Special (and by that we mean obscure) guest Doo Wa Diddy--a.k.a. half of P.Diddy's twins--came by to read the news, and that is impressive that she can read because she's only a couple months old. She was escorted by Fonsworth Lukely.

Jiwon Li closed the show with flashbacks to cheating on tests in high school and the woes of being a daughter.

From The Golden Box of Knowledge someone selected a carefully crafted question, and the winner with the right answer took home two movie tickets! Get over to our show, and get there early to submit your trivia question. You can play even if your name doesn't start with J.

In honor of the upcoming Oscars, Jiwon Li was awarded a statue! A turkey statue with a pilgrim's hat. Why? Cause she's the Funniest Comedian of All Time, ya heard? Oh, you're asking why was it a turkey. That's our secret. Have to come to a show to understand!

See you March 9th!

For more photos of this night's show check out our site here!

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