Saturday, March 10, 2007

Show 18: Shamrocks and Ham hocks

Happy St. Patty’s Day from The Living Room!
Postmark is more than ready for the occasion with green shamrock window decorations and now offers free rotten potatoes and Irish Spring soap for the first forty customers (offer void where prohibited. Offer prohibited at Postmark).

Like out of a Frank McCourt novel, Brendan Fitzgibbons represented with dark hair, light eyes and dirty cheeks. He hosted an all-star lineup:
Keith Alberstadt
Abbi Crutchfield
Katina Corrao
Elon James White
Joselyn Hughes and
Matt McCarthy

Turns out "Luck o' The Irish" is just a saying, as a down-on-his-luck, out of work leprechaun came to explain. His tales of woes and sorrows and injustice smelled a little like Guiness.

Representing Vanderbilt like they should be part of the Final Four was the always hilarious Keith Alberstadt. He played professor and gave a seminar on the anatomy of a noggin.

Abbi Crutchfield followed, and although she was wearing fancy sequins she spoke of the simple things in life, like cereal, toys, and people who be chewin’ when they talk to you on the phone.

Special Guest The Stereotypical Redneck-Hillbilly gave us an interpretation of the news in the only paranoid, mountain-man way he could.

A gaggle of middle schoolers honked disruptively during the dynamite set of Katina Corrao before they were chased away with a broom. Ever the professional, she rocked on, and the audience was none the wiser, engrossed in her riveting tales of romance, rejection and mimed suicide.

Elon James White kept the crowd rolling over his true tales of tragedy. That takes talent! For example, once my cat ran away, and I cried for three days. Not funny, is it? But Elon sure was.

The Stereotypical Redneck Hillbilly returned with a vengeance when he spied the wily leprechaun and tried to stone him to death. Lo and behold, the two settled their dispute. Harmony happens at The Living room. See for yourself!

Joselyn Hughes did an excellent job closing the show with an impression of her mother before she actually becomes her mother. It’s the circle of life.

As our camera battery died, our Funniest Comedian of All Time was kind enough to share the limelight with our Audience Trivia winner for one final photo. Who else but the generous Keith Alberstadt!
He also qualifies as our fourth two-time champion, so stay tuned for a Face-Off during our one-year anniversary show in June!

But don’t wait till then to come back. There’s more fun happening on March 23rd!
Check out our photos of the event on Flickr here.

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