Saturday, February 10, 2007

Show 16: Spread The Love!

The heart of The Living Room was a-flutter with construction paper decorations (in addition to the artwork by P.S. 124), but that didn't stop us from keeping it real. Our candy heart/wall ornaments doubled as anti-valentines for that less than special person in your life.
Lance Weiss is our honorary host this month and opened the show by offering hygiene tips including the proper way to shower.
He introduced the squeaky clean and sparkling fresh talent of
Jon Lang
Luke Thayer
Mike Ennis
Maria Shehata and
Neil Charles!

Gravel-voiced legend Carol Channing gave us her take on the young person news as well as a little shong and dansh.

Jon Lang made his second appearance at the show and dazzled the audience with his winter-time beard.

Crystal Valentino introduced a segment called, "Y'all Feel Me" where she related to the the crowd about everyday annoyances like stale marshmallows your mom makes you bring to pass out on Valentine's day in grade school, you know?

Mike Ennis had one eye on the crowd and one eye on his car outside to keep it from getting towed.

Luke Thayer dug into his childhood to share the wonders and horrors of muscle bound motivational speakers.

Maria Shehata made new friends in the crowd as she recounted her relationship tales. But new friends just means more tales in the future...

Abbi & Luke performed their first sketch at the show! One woman's study of the homeless lifestyle leads to a fast friendship with a man missing three toes. Just wait until Lifetime picks it up.

Closing out the show we had Neil Charles relive his relationship mistakes and take us back to the early '90s. (Baritone voice) Aw yeah, Girl.

The beards have it! Jon Lang won his first Funniest Comedian of All Time Award, just in time for Valentine's day. His copy of The Improvised Woman: Single Women Reinventing Single Life will certainly help him score some jaded ladies in their 40s.

Then this handsome young man and his date answered our Love Story trivia to become the proud recipiencts of a delicious, hand-tossed pizza from Albanese Pizza on 5th avenue!

And now, a Valentine's Poem by the Living Room:
Roses are red
Brown is a turd
See our next show
Feb 23rd!

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And P.S....


Chris Serico said...

Mmm... Marshmallows.

The Living Room said...

That's an interesting choice for a pizza topping. Oh wait, you're talking breakfast pizza. We get it.