Monday, November 05, 2007

Who's Performing on November 9th, 2007?

It’s time for Thanksgiving Celebrations!

There won't be any turkey or dressing at this show, but we are thankful that we are going on the road soon! We BOTH are giving you a sneak pre-view to the full, professional sets, and we are inviting three power house comedians to do their thing as well. This show is packed with stand-up talent so there's no room for a sketch or news segment, but feel free to watch one of our clips of Characters and News Parodies Past on myspace.

For our 30th Show, The Living Room welcomes

Jeremy Schachter (Comedy Central's Live At Gotham, Spike TV, The Schachter Factor on Cringe Humor Radio)

Rachel Parenta (Chicks & Giggles, Rififi)

RG Daniels (Radio Chick Show on FreeFM in NYC, Sarcasting video series)

and your British-descended host who's never heard of Mickie Most, Luke Thayer (Carolines, Cringe Humor Radio)

Abbi is now featured on The Apiary blog roll!

You do not want to miss this show!

Oh, BONUS: Postmark Cafe is now featuring artwork by grade schoolers who are raising money to purchase chickens for Heifer International. Come purchase your very own unique, original, framed artwork. Sure beats that redonkulous hand-traced turkey of yours!

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