Friday, October 26, 2007

Show 29: The 2nd Annual Halloween Scare-avaganza!

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts

It was a dark and stormy night! Nine comedians got together and decided to SCARE up some fun…a HARROWING feat which proved to be a HOWLing good time (you can’t stop the hallopuns from coming. Don’t fight it).
We did our best to raid the dollar store, but when it’s last minute, the midnight forest becomes a foot of black, plastic foliage. Your sticky webs of despair become a wall hanging of sparkly yarn, and instead of Vincent Price’s corpse as a host, you get Elon James White. In some parts of Brooklyn he is known as menacing.
Abbi dressed as a Cabbage Patch and Luke as John McEnroe circa 1984.
Luke Thayer and Abbi Crutchfield
Scary sounds played before the performance of each of these evil spirits:
Alex Grubard
Dave Lester
Jay Bois
Luke Thayer
Helen Hong and
Keith Alberstadt

With special guest appearances by Neil Charles, Crystal Valentino and Betty the Cat Lady

Summoning the powers of a diabolical wizard, Elon James White referred to his hosting note cards as “the magical pile”. He lamented the travails that must befall a cab driver.
Elon James White

Alex Grubard introduced his costume as “casual Mormon”. Check for it in catalogues this winter!
Alex Grubard

Dave Lester warned patrons of the growing crime scene in the wealthier parts of NewYork. Whole Foods buyer beware!
Dave Lester

The freaks come out at night. In a segment the Living Room hasn’t seen since Valentine’s Day, Crystal Valentino returned with “Y’all Feel Me”, sharing her insights into perfume, candy corn and monster movies. She introduced her brother Trevor, and together they confused the audience with their inane albeit serious ponderings.
Abbi Crutchfield and Neil Charles as Crystal and Trevor Valentino

Elon James White took the stage to give a full set and commiserate about clueless co-workers.
Elon James White

Jay Bois made his Living Room debut and had the room laughing while he reminisced about Halloween costume shortcomings.
Jay Bois

When it was announced that the news would be delivered by Cat Woman, thought bubbles of black leather bloomed over heads. They were instantly popped as Betty the Cat Lady strolled in and told the current events as she reads them to Miss A-Peebers and Senor Don Gato each night.
Abbi Crutchfield as Betty the Cat Lady

Luke Thayer’s McEnroe impression was flawed for lack of swearing...

Aw COME ON!! Don't give me that @#$%$#@! He looked JUST like me!!

but his solid jokes about the costume made up for it. Many references to exposed Jimmy Johns.
Luke Thayer

Helen Hong also played the room for her first time and gave us a good (and memorable) reason to buy her makeup this year.
Helen Hong

A recovering Keith Alberstadt hobbled in with broken leg bones because he’s a fighter.
Keith Alberstadt

He didn’t take his crutches to the stage but he made plenty of jokes about them. Maybe the Hat of Chance felt sympathetic and for that reason selected Keith as a winner (for a record third time)!
Keith Alberstadt

He sent Alex Grubard on his behalf to receive the award, and Luke decided Alex was the REAL champion. Come on, he couldn’t hop ten feet across the room?! Luke is tough but fair.
Winner!  Alex Grubard

Then we had a contest for the best costume which resulted in a pirate-off!
Pirate-off with Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer

Luke couldn't handle the pressure and chose a doctor instead.
Winner!  Best Costume

Okay so Luke's not fair.


See you and your Native American heritage for Thanksgiving celebrations on November 9th!


Crutch said...

ooh that looked way better than last year's halloween...sorry i missed it.

The Living Room said...

Crutch, you made last year’s very scary! We look forward to having you back again soon.