Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clean Machine

The Living Room is now listed in L Magazine as one of the fun comedy events you can find in NYC!

Wait...we do come across as "fun", right?

They call themselves "New York's best clean comedy show," which is a little like calling yourself the best lingerie model in Fort Kent, Maine, if you ask us, which nobody ever does.

The website to Fort Kent, ME lists the following among its monthly activities: a diabetes support group, an Alzheimer’s support group and a cancer support group. There is also a Muskie Fishing Derby!

We have a policy of TV-clean material which rules out certain swear words and content. We want to let comedians prepare for a spot on a late night talk show and keep it available to the audiences that wander in the coffee shop. Maybe L's trying to say that we, the hot and sassy lingerie model, are working in a world of boring, fuddy-duddy, trout-eating geezers.

The Living Room: a 5 carat diamond in a bowl of Cream of Wheat.

L Magazine keeps you informed about the entertainment scene in NYC. Go to for more info!

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