Saturday, June 23, 2007

Show 25: Summer Blowout!

The Living Room is hibernating for a couple of months (as you can see on our performance schedule to the left), but we're putting some great ideas into the slowcooker so we can serve up an even better quality show. We're also coming back with our very own theme song by New York musician Aubrey Hart! So if you're wondering, "Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, even t.v." then join us in the fall and find out.

Speaking of a Full House, we had one! We had people in from D.C., Baltimore, and even Indiana come out to party with us and support our last show of the summer. Abbi's college buddy Mike was the Honorable Guest of Honor for the evening, and he brought his gaggle of girlfriends. He's like the Robert Palmer of Baltimore.
Abbi openend the show and introduced her mother.
Abbi Crutchfield & Mom
They agreed on everything until her mom started nagging her, and it became time for her to leave. (We get more mileage out of a bad wig than Ricardo Montalban!)
Speaking of wonders of the world, check out our lineup!
Liam McEneaney
Carla Rhodes
Greg Tito
Lisa Kaplan
Luke Thayer and
The Straight Men

Our host for the evening, Brendan Fitzgibbons launched the show with crowd pleasers like the topic of presidential assassination.
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Liam McEneaney left quite an impression for his first trip to The Living Room! By the end of his set he got every woman in the room to agree never to go out with him.
Liam McEneany
With her famous head of curly hair, Carla Rhodes became an honorary family member of Abbi's. She re-introduced the world to her old Vaudevillian partner, Cecil.
Carla Rhodes
Taking time off from promoting her film (in costume), A Mighty Heart,

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie came by to shed light on her baby collection, I mean family.
Pinch hitter Greg Tito went to bat on stage and hit a homerun! He even became our Funniest Comedian of All Time! Wait...that's for the end of this post.
Greg Tito
Exclusive! You've seen him on Best Week Ever! You've seen him on CNN! Now the 13 year old genius Evan O'Dorney is having an interview at The Living Room! But this time he messed with the wrong reporter...

Lisa Kaplan also had her Living Room debut and talked about fashion and roommates. Bad fashion and worse roommates.
Lisa Kaplan
We had another guest sketch troupe throw down, this time in the form of The Straight Men...
The Straight Men
teaching us the special code to read in case of an emergency. Like robot insubordination.
The Straight Men
Luke Thayer closed the show with his masterful style and in-your-face comedy. It's something new he's trying. Actually getting in the face of an audience member.
Luke Thayer
There's our winner! Last one of the season, meaning Greg Tito will hold this title longer than most!
Winner!  Greg Tito
See you September 14th!

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