Friday, April 10, 2009

Show 56: Adios Bachelorhood

Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts


This was the last show before Abbi and Luke got hitched! They bid singledom adieu with a little help from their friends.

Host of Honor Josh Homer introduced the following lineup:
Ryan Hamilton
Joselyn Hughes
Sean Patton
Abbi Crutchfield
sketch by Harry Terjanian
With special guest appearances by marriage coach Jay Jordan Gilbert and underground blogger Danny Kaye-Ward with the news.

Abbi and Luke welcomed viewers to the fifty-sixth show and pondered what their marriage would mean for their working relationship. Things could be different. Or exactly the same.

Josh Homer returned as host and this time as a new dad! He talked about how much he hates the Tyra Banks show. It's a Mr. Mom thing.

Ryan Hamilton was back from the road to tell tales of how being from Idaho confuses people. Mainly people not from Idaho.

Man of Many Hats that he is, Harry Terjanian visited, this time as Christopher Walken who analyzed the myriad impersonations of himself in an oh-so-important PSA.

Joselyn Hughes had everyone's attention as she spoke about holiday party bloopers and run-ins with shady characters proving that every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings...and a girl gets hit on.

The Living Room was proud to welcome Sean Patton for his debut! He captivated us with the message of the era: Broke pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Snarky blogger Danny Kaye-Ward wouldn't let you hear the news without putting down all the celebrities that weren't in it first.

Grinning with no idea of what she was getting herself into, Abbi Crutchfield gave her last performance as a single woman and talked about--what else?--being engaged.

Right on Abbi's heels to correct her of all her misconceptions about matrimony was Jay Jordan Gilbert, the married counselor who has never been married.

The Funniest Comedian of All Time this episode was noneother than Ryan Hamilton! Ryan will never have a dull moment thanks to his bunny blow darts and fart putty.

Enjoy your pastel-colored candy-coated almonds wrapped in tulle and then come see us for our wedded return on May 8th!

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