Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who's Performing on December 14, 2007?

Dear fans,

Let not beat around the bush, I'm da bomb. I'm Santa freakin' Claus! You wish you were with this!

Me and my posse are rolling through The Living Room this Friday. Postmark Cafe's the hot night spot for the North Pole Crew cause they have the best peppermint lattes.

The Living Room welcomes a stockingful of newcomers and three French hen regulars to our festive holiday show! Bring a taste for pumpkin-flavored coffee, and hilarious ho ho hijinx!

Vince Averill (Western Canada Tour)

Hadiyah Robinson (BET's ComicView)

Moody McCarthy (NBC's Last Comic Standing; ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live)

a sketch by Phaea and Becca (Delusions of Spandex)

and your host with more profit than Superbad has grossed: Matt Little (Matt Little's Big Show)!

SC out!

Photo credit: Diana's Xanga site.

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