Friday, September 28, 2007

Show 27: It's a Midwest Thang

Now presenting Photography by Aemiessence Fine Arts!

There were no corn dogs or blueberry pies, but for some reason our show drew a lot of Midwesterners tonight!
Brendan Fitzgibbons (who is from Illinois and went to school in Iowa) hosted this banjo-strumming lineup:

Brooke Van Poppelen (Illinois)
Luke Thayer (Indiana)
Dan Fontaine (Georgia...close enough)
Rob Durham (Ohio)
Pat O'Shea (not a Midwesterner, but has mutton chops)
Ray Devito (Ohio)
Nick Cobb (Tennessee)

along with our featured guests, motivational speaker Dr. Eric Newberry and Nicole Richie!

There was a lot of mingling before and after the show, but if you listened carefully, you could hear the dulcet sounds of our theme song, now with co-producer banter.
“Where's my snare? There’s no snare in my headphones."

We know, E. We know.

We had some last-minute line-up changes, and fortunately Nick Cobb, Brooke Van Poppelen and Ray DeVito were in the neighborhood to lend a cup of comedy sugar!

Brendan Fitzgibbons talked about things for mature audiences only. Like bingo and Ensure.
Brendan Fitzgibbons

Brooke Van Poppelen made her Living Room debut after many months of schedule changes. Just like Heinz from the bottle, it was worth the wait.

The audience was given an enlightening perspective on the news by motivational speaker Dr. Eric Newberry. She challenges stereotypes with a masculine name and messages of empowerWOMENt.
Dr. Eric Newberry (Abbi Crutchfield)
Luke Thayer took us back with images of spandex fashion and sweaty, fat children.
Luke Thayer
Dan Fontaine mused on the necessity and audacity of bathroom attendants. Sounds like somebody needs a spritz of Brut.
Dan Fontaine
Rob Durham has the brightest smile this side of the Mississippi but sorry kids, it's for your mom's eyes only.
Rob Durham
Nicole Richie accepted an award in the 2010 Emmy's after performing in Hit My Baby, What's My Crime?: The Life of Britney Spears. Nicole Richie (Abbi Crutchfield) If you find that achievement hard to believe just remember her early work as Lionel Richie's daughter.

Pat O'Shea had the whole room laughing at driving directions. Take that, GPS!
Pat O'Shea Celebrity Sighting: Esther Ku dropped in to raise the female performer quotient, albeit off stage. Look for her in a future LR show!

Ray Devito blended in as audience, then shined as a performer and struck a pose as a model. He's a Midwesterner who looks like a New Yorker. Chameleon.
Ray DeVito
Nick Cobb is so committed to his set he rolled on the floor
Nick Cobb
and dry-humped a dude.
Nick Cobb mauls Audience
We think it had to do with his set.
Winner!  Dan Fontaine
Tonight's Funniest Comedian of All Time: Dan Fontaine of course, who won a briefcase full of money! Mini money in a mini briefcase. Don't spend it all in one doll house!

Call your friends and tell them to catch even more of NYC's best performers LIVE at our next show on October 12th!
Dan FontainePat O'SheaNick Cobb


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