Friday, January 12, 2007

Show 14: Happy New Year!

It is a new year, so we're bringing new fun to the Living Room show! We're beefing up the audience prizes thanks to Postmark and other restaurants in the area. Whoever correctly answers trivia questions from the Golden Box of Knowledge takes home a gift! Submit your questions at the beginning of each week's show and win at the end! This lucky man was the first to win, and could not have possibly held that bagel in a worse spot.

Brendan Fitzgibbons came back from vacation to host and inform us of his New Year's Resolutions, a.k.a. Things he will never ever do again.

He also resolved to introduce the excellence that is:
Abbi Crutchfield
Matt Little
Nick Cobb and
JL Cauvin

Abbi opened the show with her resolution not to re-gift. But then no-one would ever get an F-CAT award...Matt Little busted out on the scene for his second appearance at the show. He even interrupted the set to have a heart-to-heart with an audience member.

Ronald Trump, entrepreneur and illegitimate son of Donald Trump, presented the news of the future and enlightened us as to what will happen in 2007.

Nick Cobb went up after a thorough writing session in the Green Room

and rocked the room sideways with his hilarious account of family games.

The honorable Billy Simmons (a.k.a. Whitey X) shared his single resolution pertaining to his membership of the Nation of Islam

J.L. gave us his two cents on the war in Iraq which was like no other cents you'll ever hear jingling in the cup of your local panhandler.

The New Year's Baby toddled in to shake his diaper at the next winner of the Funniest Comedian of All Time award! Matt Little was so happy to win, he picked the Baby up!

He took home a vintage, authentic Lisa Frank pencil box complete with drawers to hide all his little secrets.

This man had a wonderful time, and you will too at our next show on January 26th!

Postmark Cafe now features coffee art! If you like bunnies on your lattes. They're Jen's specialty.


Barista said...

Did someone MAKE you put the black strips up? Because I don't feel like they were there the 1st time I read this....

The Living Room said...

Hey Barista, sometimes wild and crazy things go down at the Living Room. Things you couldn't understand. Things you wouldn't understand. SHOULDN'T understand. And sometimes people won't buy the cow if they get the milk for free.