Sunday, October 29, 2006

Show 10: The Halloween Scare-avaganza!

I'm Condoleezza Rice, and I approve this message.

To begin a Scare-avaganza, you must have the right ambiance.

Creepy pumpkins (because what's creepier than a harelip?), some cobwebs, and a crowd of masked strangers ready to have a great time!

The comics that made everyone howl with laughter:
Wes Connely
Carolyn Castiglia
Ari Voukydis and
Darryl Purvis

Brendan Fitzgibbons kicked off the night and introduced Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who, in turn, introduced her back woods sister, Condosleazza.

Abbi exorcised her inner politician and came on stage as herself to host a night of wicked fun. Wes Connely had his first performance on (but not his first visit! to) the show, and dropped it like it was hot.

Then Rocky came out to tell us the news and not to be a crumb-bum.

Carolyn graced the stage for a second time with her publicist Asa, and cleverly parodied pop tunes without sounding White and Nerdy.

UCB representative Ari Voukydis brought a bag of tricks mixing the political and the Halloween-specific. Check him out and vote for his new Jib Jab clip "Small World" directed by John Landis (Thriller, Three Amigos)! There is no shortage of ghosts at the Scare-avaganza,

and deceased artist Bob Ross came back from the grave to offer better therapy than Dr. Phil's son.

Canadian Darryl Purvis bragged about life in L.A. because he's such a big shot and closed out the show for us.

Best Costume prize would have gone to Abbi's sister since she's the only one who dressed up. But nepotism is frowned upon in the workplace, so the audience prize went to whoever guessed the winner of the F-CAT award.

This young lady got a trick instead of a treat and went home with a healthy bag of celery-flavored Crispy Delites!

She accurately presumed that the winner would be Darryl Purvis! In the bewitching spirit of rituals, he took home a book of spells by Aveda.

P.W. Herman from the film about Pee-Wee's Big Adventure stopped by to say good night. If you're a loner, Dotty, a REBEL, then tune in November 10th for even more fun!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Show 9: Friday the 13th Spooktacular

CRASH! What was that? Why it's the sound of a mirror breaking--from laughing too hard at our ninth show a.k.a. the Friday the 13th Spooktacular MWAHAHAHA! What a rough night for our hostess. Poor if being trampled on the subway weren't bad enough, she later suffered from E.Coli-induced stomach cramping, a hump back, a unibrow, and lost her coveted break-out role to Angelina Jolie! Ever the trooper, she adamantly refused to believe in bad luck. Then she died.

We had a great line-up of brave souls, a great crowd, and nary a black cat in the room. Performing before the lucky, upside-down Living Room sign were:
Nick Turner,
Lang Fisher,
Laura Mannino and
Matt McCarthy!

Nick busted out of the gate with plenty of energy and helped us ward off evil spirits with raucous laughter. Lang followed with hilarious (yet disturbing) anec dotes on mother-daughter bonding.

Like seconds on dessert, Laura's second time at the show was tastier than the first. She even gave us all a tip on smart-shopping for costumes this Halloween...

...and Tom Jones swung his pelvis like a weather vane to deliver the weekend meteorology report.

On his Confession Tour '06, Mark Foley read the news and foresaw the consequences of the sinners there within.

Speaking of repeat offenders, Matt McCarthy came back for his second appearance on the show! With his wicked Nosferatu fingers, he singled out various audience members until they howled with laughter (the full moon helped), riffing on European pop hits and scary movie contradictions.

Every audience member got a prize for daring to come to the show on this most doomed of autumn evenings. But only ONE person walked away as the Funniest Comedian of All Time, and that genius was Lang Fisher!

Maybe her prize will give her a hint at a Halloween costume to wear to our HALLOWEEN SCARE-AVAGANZA on October 27th. Everyone is invited to dress up, and we'll have even more fun in store...

Do come. It will be a SCREAM! (What? These guys think it's funny.)